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Feliz domingo.!! Happy Sunday.!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend 🙂 My weekend was unfortunately a mixed bag. On a positive note, I had a lot of fun with friends.!! And I managed to land a new job.!! Finally.! Deep sigh of relief…. It has been a pretty stressful month worrying about finances. But tomorrow is a brand new day.!! As for the other part of my bittersweet weekend, well sometimes it’s difficult to communicate properly with the people you most care about 😦 I’m sure it’s not from lack of word choice. I’m pretty competent in that realm. But I think I am lacking in the vulnerability department. My inner warrior tends to want to come out first. Really, I need to work on this aspect.

For example, in one of my less vulnerable moments, I turned down help in getting a mattress and a box spring. So I ended up sleeping on the sofa for awhile. It was pretty uncomfortable after the first week, let alone the second and third. Fortunately, that problem has been resolved and I have a cushy new bed.! Yay me.!! But I could have had one sooner if I had been a little less like Antigone from Greek tragedy.! In this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, the Most Interesting Man in the World takes on memory foam mattresses.!! And I find myself agreeing with him once again 🙂 Enjoy.!! Y salud.!!

a little bit of Tina, Sandra, and Jessica too….

courtesy of my friend H.V.D

courtesy of my friend H.V.D

The above restaurant sign translates into English in the following manner –

“Bring to breakfast your girlfriend, wife, or lover. But if you bring all three together, then your consumption is free.” Taquiera Nahum is the name of the restaurant.

I got give them credit.! That’s pretty ballsy.!! And unfortunately not that far off the mark from the experiences I had in Mexico. I won’t generalize here, I am positive that there are men who are in monogamous relationships in Mexico (and everywhere else). But my experiences living there constantly brought this infidelity issue to the forefront.

I remember one time when I was working at the hotel, I took a couple on a tour. While they were having breakfast at the buffet, one of the many waiters I knew there was talking to me. Well really he was flirting with me.! During the course of our conversation, he asked me out on a date.

To which I queried, “Don’t you have a wife?”
And he replied, “Si, tengo una esposa, una novia, una amante, y una querida.!” Translation, “I have a wife, a girlfriend, a lover, and a sweetheart.”
To which I further questioned, “And so what would I be.?”
Without skipping a beat, he responded, “Mi amor” or “my love”. Silly me, how did I not know that.!?! jajaja….

Naturally, I declined. Good-naturedly, of course, but I still declined. It seemed a little too crowded in his enclave. And where does he get the time.? And the energy.? But that’s for another blog post or blog.! lol. Today, I leave you with Lou Bega’s “Mambo Number 5.” Enjoy your weekend 🙂

quinta avenida

quinta avenida equina calle 2

quinta avenida esquina calle 2

I believe my friend P., the photographer, has begun a stealth campaign to bring about my return to playa.!! jajaja… P. posts and sends me beautiful photos for my blog. Recently, she has also begun to post photos directly onto my facebook page with messages aimed directly at me.!! She began her campaign in earnest last week with the blog post called “sweet torture”.!! It happened again today.!

The above photo was found on my facebook page this morning with the following caption –

Tu adorada 5a Ave Rose Boras” or “You adored 5th avenue Rose Boras

Of course, its true. I have always adored Fifth Avenue or Quinta Avenida.! In fact, I talk at length about it in the post “bienvenida de nuevo”. But it’s like being reminded of a past love that you might return to one day, but probably not today.!

I responded to P. with nostalgia and deep longing –

me: “lo extraño..!!”
me: “is that Casa del Agua in the background.?? es que Casa del Agua en el fondo. ??
P.: “Yes, it is…kiss
me: “un beso

Deep sigh… I do love the energy of Quinta Avenida. I miss how everyone knew me and said hello as I strolled by 🙂 Casa del Agua has fantastic seafood by the way if you are ever in Playa del Carmen.!! Unfortunately, today I will have to take a stroll in my neighborhood in Chicago. Luckily, the weather is beautiful or I might have been crying/swearing instead.!! jajaja

Dos Equis veintitrés

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Feliz lunes.!! Happy Monday.!! I hope everyone’s weekend was super enjoyable 🙂 Mine was a little intense. I helped a friend move which took up a whole day and left me with a lot of bruises.! But I got a meal out of it plus it was for a good friend.! This weekend was also my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, so I kept my dad company because I know it’s a difficult time for him. There were other minor diversions, but mostly I kept out of trouble.

During the move, I also managed to work out muscles I haven’t used in awhile. Which reminded me that during my regular workouts, I’ve been neglecting certain parts of my body (like my arms.!). Fortunately, I’ve gotten better about working out as I’ve gotten older. But I still prefer walking, swimming, dancing, or moving someone’s furniture to actual working out. In fact I used to say, “I would rather chase a wooly mammoth than workout”. Strangely enough, in this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, the Most Interesting Man in the World has the same take on the gym as I do.!! Enjoy.!! Y salud.!!

este amor…

Hello everyone.! Yesterday would have been my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary if my mother were still with us. My father has been melancholy for the last month, but I think we’ve made it through the worst of it. In remembrance, I’m reposting this blog post from last year’s anniversary. Have a great weekend.!!


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I have been thinking a lot about love lately. The good kind of love. The love that nurtures you. The love that helps you grow. The love that makes you feel safe. The love that balances you out. The love that makes you sigh deeply…. Or is it just me that sighs deeply when content.?

I guess there are two reasons I have been thinking about love so much. Tomorrow, the 19th, would have been my parent’s 49th wedding anniversary. I miss my mother immensely. But I know my father who built a life with her misses her so much more. Yesterday, my father told me that he wished my mom was still alive for so many reasons. But the main reason is because next year they would have celebrated 50 years together. And he would very much have liked to have a party with her.!

my mom and dad's wedding day my…

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el grito..!!

Happy Mexican Independence Day.!!! Please enjoy this blog from last year explaining this lovely Mexican holiday 🙂 VIVA MEXICO.!!!


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Mexico’s actual Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th and is considered a national holiday. That’s correct folks, Cinco de Mayo is not Independence Day for Mexico! El Grito or The Cry is the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico. The holiday commemorates the day the Mexican War of Independence began with Spain. It is celebrated in every city center in Mexico on the evening of September 15th with the ringing of the church or municipal bells.

Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was a Roman Catholic priest in the town of Dolores, near Guanajuato. Father Hidalgo was part of a rebellion against Spain. After several of his fellow insurgents were captured, Father Hidalgo feared he too would be arrested. Along with his brother and other radicals, they demanded the release of the captives. Finally, very late on the 15th of September, Father Hidalgo rang the church…

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Dos Equis veintidós

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Feliz Domingo..!! Happy Sunday..!! It’s still cold here in Chicago.! brrrr…. But I’m trying to make the best out of the weekend regardless 🙂 Hanging out with cool friends (literally and figuratively.!), having fun, and getting some family time in too.! One of my friends reminded me this past Friday that if we had these same temperatures after a long cold winter, we would all be wearing shorts.! jajaja… I’m sure he’s probably right. But right now, it feels like winter has already arrived.

But at least it’s not raining too. That would just make everything even more miserable. And make me want to run away even more to the land of drink umbrellas.! In this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, the Most Interesting Man in the World discusses that very concept.! I’m not sure if I agree with him. Wait…is that even allowed.? But I appreciate his certainty on the matter. jaja.. Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

sweet torture…

Zenzi Beach

Zenzi Beach

It’s 51 degrees Fahrenheit (or 11 degrees Celsius) here in Chicago today.! Unseasonably cool.!! Actually, pretty much this entire summer has been rather cool. For a girl who got used to scorching heat, it’s been almost freezing.! Today, I woke up to find the above photo from my friend P. (miss photographer) on my Facebook page with the following comment –

Rose Boras Guess where I am!: 😉

At which point the following exchange took place –

me: “Zenzi Beach.!!!!!”
P.: “Yes! You’re an expert!”
me: “I wish I was with you” 🙂
P.: “Me too dear!!”

And really I do. If this week in September is indicative of future winter weather to come.! Yikes.!! It’s not going to be pretty. And I apologize way in advance for all the crying and whining I will be doing. Deep sigh…

Zenzi Beach Bar is one of my favorite places to hang out in playa.! I’m sure I’ve talked about and reviewed the beach bar before in I highly recommend it 🙂

Right now, both you and me dear reader only get to gaze upon the lovely photograph. But one day soon, we will be sitting at one of those lovely tables – drink in hand, toes in sand, and the wind in our hair. Te prometo. Promise.

la luna súper última…

last supermoon

I thought I would share the last supermoon of the summer with photos from Playa del Carmen. It is not as big as the supermoon during August, but it is still beautiful.!! Monday’s supermoon was also this year’s Harvest Moon because it occurred near the autumnal equinox. I hope everyone had a chance to see the moon and say, “hola luna“. I know I did 🙂

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Dos Equis veinte uno

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Feliz lunes.!! Happy Monday.!! I hope everyone enjoyed their wonderful weekend.! Mine was pretty low key. I spent most of it catching up on paperwork and cleaning the house. Of course, there were many conversations with friends.! I like to talk 🙂 Also, the weather was beautiful in Chicago. Not too hot…not too cold. Perfect sleeping weather with the windows open.!! I even snuck in a nap or two.! jijiji

Of course, I also spent the weekend working out. My neighbor thinks I go out too late for my own good. But I always return before it gets too dark outside. And I’m always prepared. This week’s Dos Esquis’ commercial features the Most Interesting Man in the World and his opinion on self-defense. I think I wholeheartedly agree with his approach.!! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!