Dos Equis veinte

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courtesy of

It’s Labor Day here in the United States.! The holiday celebrates the American Labor Movement which supports the social and economic achievements of American workers. It also marks the end of summer here in the states as most children return to school or have already returned to school. Family BBQs, last minute weekend vacations, and preparing for the coming school year are usual activities.!

I’ve had a lovely weekend spending time with family and friends.! I spent a fantastic dinner with a former co-worker and had lunch with my dad.!! Tonight, I’m having dinner with a dear friend 🙂 I’m super-psyched.!! I also can’t wait to see how my luck improves this week. It’s slowly been improving since last month. Yay.! In Dos Equis’ commercial this week, The Most Interesting Man in the World offers us his opinion on Lady Luck.! Enjoy.! Y salud..!!


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