what a difference a sign makes…

translation - pick up your dog's waste

translation – pick up your dog’s waste

When I lived in Mexico, the above sign was posted everywhere. But since I didn’t have a dog, I pretty much ignored the signage. Until one night, I was out drinking with two of my friends who were also my neighbors. On our walk home, we were laughing loudly and discussing the evening’s events when one of us noticed the picturesque quality of the curb your dog signage in our neighborhood.!

I took a picture there and then and posted it almost immediately on Facebook. My co-conspirators that evening even made the following comments because it had left such a lasting impression on us.!

My friend P.T.’s Facebook comment – “I mean, why does it have to be so graphic??”

My friend C.K.’s Facebook comment – “No shit!! Haha no pun intended”

And therein lies the question. Why did it have to be so graphic.? There are always so many interesting cultural differences between countries. But signs seem to take on an almost otherwordly dimension. I was reading one of my favorite expat bloggers today from Italy and she showcased a sign in Florence depicting a man and a woman peeing to indicate where the restrooms were located.! lol.. Wow.!

So I guess, a dog and his poop should not surprise me on a sign. But in comparison to the very mild and almost Mary Poppins’ signage from Chicago (see photo below), it was a little eye-opening to say the least. But at least we had a good laugh that evening. And now I would know exactly what to do about my dog and his poop if I had one in Mexico 🙂

courtesy of moongirlproductions.blogspot.com

courtesy of moongirlproductions.blogspot.com


8 thoughts on “what a difference a sign makes…

  1. Do people in Mexico at least follow the instructions on the signs? There are similarly explicit signs in France, but no one pays any attention to them, and there’s dog poop all over the side walks. Quite annoying! There are laws saying you have to pick up after your pet, but no one takes them seriously — including law enforcement, unfortunately. 😦

    • I would say for the most part, yes people in Mexico do follow the instructions. I never recall having to sidestep lots of poop while living there. Which is also surprising considering the amount of stray dogs that live in playa.! Who’s cleaning up their poop.? As for France, I’ve heard about the dog poop from several friends who have visited there.! hmmm…yucky 😦

  2. I never quite understood the “CURB YOUR DOG” sign. I much prefer the sign from Mexico. With a dog as a family member, I always have bags to take care of any piles Maggie might leave on a walk. I have even given bags to other people who were just going to leave it behind. What I would like to see is a sign that tells drunk people not to throw up on the sidewalk. This is much worse than a pile of dog poop. It all comes down to taking responsibility for your life. Now I will have to see if I can buy one of those signs somewhere online…

    • I agree. What does ‘curb your dog’ mean exactly. And you’re right, most people I know who own dogs are completely respectful about cleaning up after their dogs.! I would love to see a sign telling drunk people not to throw up on the sidewalks or the el train for that matter.!!

      Good luck finding the sign online. If not, next time I’m in Mexico – I’ll see what I can do 🙂

      • Hmmm. It would be interesting to see you explain how you came about having that sign in your possession as you go through customs. 🙂 I hear the Mexican Prison are really bad. If I can’t find it online, just enjoy Mexico.

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