warning: boobs ahead.??!

courtesy of searunner.sv-timemachine.net

courtesy of searunner.sv-timemachine.net

Another one of my favorite signs in Mexico were the speed bump signs or topes.! Literally, the first time, I saw this sign all I could think of was “warning – boobs ahead”.! What.?! And it wasn’t just me, other expats and tourists thought the same thing.! Maybe, all of us secretly have dirty minds 😉 But seriously, to not heed this sign as a driver can be painful.! Going over the topes at full speed will jolt you, your passengers, and your car.! Possibly giving you whiplash or making you throw up in the process.! Or you might decide at the last minute to brake urgently causing vomiting at best and a car crash at worst.!

courtesy of everythingplayadelcarmen.com

courtesy of everythingplayadelcarmen.com

Topes signs can be found showing only two bumps as in the photo at the top of ths post. Or they can be found with three bumps as in the photo directly above. I like to call this one the “Total Recalltopes sign because it reminds me of the scene where Arnold’s character meets the prostitute with three boobs.! Of course, no such exciting speed bump signs exist in Chicago. Please note the very serious, innocuous, and bland speed bump sign found in a typical Chicago neighborhood.! Yawn… Even Mexico’s signs are more exciting and colorful.!

courtesy of rachelleb.com

courtesy of rachelleb.com


4 thoughts on “warning: boobs ahead.??!

  1. Oh, I just had to comment about the topes. My family and I lived in el D.F. for three years. I remember the time it was my son’s turn to bring his pet hampster to school. Preparations ensued. Clean cage and litter. Primping and perfuming for “Mo.” And the questions. Where should we put Mo on the trip to school? What if the kids wanted to hold Mo. Should he bring extra food and water just in case Mo got hungry and thirsty. The day before Mo’s premier, my son and I were winding down the barrancas in our stationwagon.
    “Hey, Mom?” his little voice piped up from the back seat.
    “Yeah, Honey?”
    “Ya know the topes…?”
    And I just cracked up, knowing exactly what was going through his head – poor Mo, hitting the roof of our stationwagon each time we crested a tope.

    Thanks for the memories.

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