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Hello everyone.! Yesterday would have been my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary if my mother were still with us. My father has been melancholy for the last month, but I think we’ve made it through the worst of it. In remembrance, I’m reposting this blog post from last year’s anniversary. Have a great weekend.!!


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I have been thinking a lot about love lately. The good kind of love. The love that nurtures you. The love that helps you grow. The love that makes you feel safe. The love that balances you out. The love that makes you sigh deeply…. Or is it just me that sighs deeply when content.?

I guess there are two reasons I have been thinking about love so much. Tomorrow, the 19th, would have been my parent’s 49th wedding anniversary. I miss my mother immensely. But I know my father who built a life with her misses her so much more. Yesterday, my father told me that he wished my mom was still alive for so many reasons. But the main reason is because next year they would have celebrated 50 years together. And he would very much have liked to have a party with her.!

my mom and dad's wedding day my…

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