quinta avenida

quinta avenida equina calle 2

quinta avenida esquina calle 2

I believe my friend P., the photographer, has begun a stealth campaign to bring about my return to playa.!! jajaja… P. posts and sends me beautiful photos for my blog. Recently, she has also begun to post photos directly onto my facebook page with messages aimed directly at me.!! She began her campaign in earnest last week with the blog post called “sweet torture”.!! It happened again today.!

The above photo was found on my facebook page this morning with the following caption –

Tu adorada 5a Ave Rose Boras” or “You adored 5th avenue Rose Boras

Of course, its true. I have always adored Fifth Avenue or Quinta Avenida.! In fact, I talk at length about it in the post “bienvenida de nuevo”. But it’s like being reminded of a past love that you might return to one day, but probably not today.!

I responded to P. with nostalgia and deep longing –

me: “lo extraño..!!”
me: “is that Casa del Agua in the background.?? es que Casa del Agua en el fondo. ??
P.: “Yes, it is…kiss
me: “un beso

Deep sigh… I do love the energy of Quinta Avenida. I miss how everyone knew me and said hello as I strolled by 🙂 Casa del Agua has fantastic seafood by the way if you are ever in Playa del Carmen.!! Unfortunately, today I will have to take a stroll in my neighborhood in Chicago. Luckily, the weather is beautiful or I might have been crying/swearing instead.!! jajaja

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