Oaxaca: Mexico at its most Mexican

Hello Everyone.!! Please enjoy this post from Friendly Spanish Blog about the Mexican state of Oaxaca.! I personally have never been, but have always wanted to visit 🙂

Friendly Spanish Blog

In Mexico, as in the UK, it is often the smaller cities that make the most rewarding destinations, offering more tranquil surroundings and greater exposure to historic traditions. Oaxaca is a noteworthy example: tucked away in misty mountain valleys in southern Mexico and giving its name to the surrounding province, it is firmly on the gringo tourist trail, yet equally popular with holidaying Mexicans. Oaxaca (pronounced ‘wa-ha-ca’ in case you were wondering) defies its small size in offering a wealth of cultural attractions, culinary finesse and a pulsating calendar of festivals.

Oaxaca streetscape Oaxaca streetscape. Source: trekearth.com

Oaxaca’s centre is low rise and atmospheric, and in appearance can be largely attributed to its Spanish colonial past. However, the bold multicolour palette of the streetscapes and exotic plants give a distinctly Mexican flavour. Indigenous cultural references are everywhere, and serve as a reminder of the fact that this area was an…

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