Dos Equis veintiséis

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courtesy of

Feliz domingo.!! Happy Sunday.!! Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend 🙂 I have to say this has been an intense week for me.!! But in a good way.!! After I started working that new job I had gotten 2 weeks ago, my dream job called me a few days ago and offered me a position at their company.!!!! Yay me.!!! I start this week 🙂 Super excited…and relieved. And while I am grateful for that job because it helped me pay the bills, it wasn’t my passion. So onward…

Which is also the way I feel about all the men who have been flirting with me too.! It’s been nice to be appreciated. It reminded me that I am cute and funny and witty. But, there is nothing like the passion and love you feel for one person and they feel for you. Nothing. Which brings us to this weekend’s Dos Equis’ commerical. The Most Interesting Man in the World believes that “most women would not consider speed a virtue.” jajaja… And once again, I find myself agreeing with him.!! Could it be possible that I have turned into the most interesting woman in the world.?!? Nah…just kidding.! Enjoy.!! Y salud.!!

4 thoughts on “Dos Equis veintiséis

  1. Congratulations Rose on finding your dream job!!! I laughed at the look on “the most interesting man in the world” face at the end of his comment. I’ve never seen him do that before. He seemed like he was about ready to crank up. Subtle and very funny. Have a great week!

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