tropical depression nine


I took the above picture on my way to work today.!! The sky was so blue.!! That crisp, rich blue I so love.!!! The John Hancock Building with its rigid, uniform black made a vividly stark contrast to the enigmatic blue of the sky.! Very few clouds dotted the sky. And the air was refreshing. It almost made we want to skip, even though it was a little cold 🙂

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In contrast, today in Playa del Carmen, it’s all stormy.!! Tropical Depression Nine is thinking about transforming into Tropical Storm Hanna.!!! So far, she (the storm) can’t seem to get her act together. If she continues to be poorly organized, then Playa just suffers through a few days of rain. However, if this cabrona gets her act together, then that means heavy winds, torrential rains, loss of power, no alcohol sales (yeah.! just when you need it the most.!) and possibly a few days off from work. Here’s hoping sunny skies return to Playa soon 🙂

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5 thoughts on “tropical depression nine

  1. I find it amazing that after we have been somewhere we have a different view when a storm affects that place. After driving almost 6500 miles, covering 13 states, in about 2 weeks, I have a connection to all those different towns I passed through and visited. I don’t see the news the same way.

    • Yes, it’s absolutely true. Something about treading those same roads, those same streets ties you to a place like nothing else. I guess you figure you could’ve been there.! I remember the storms in playa well. Sometimes, they were just annoying, but sometimes one would come through that just wreaked havoc on everything.!!

  2. Thank you Rose for stopping by at my blog and for liking one of my posts. I do hope that in your visit you found some interesting features. More of God’s blessings to you and have a most blessed weekend to the glory of God.

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