Dos Equis veintiocho

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Feliz domingo.!! Happy Sunday.!! I hope everyone had a fabulous week.!! AND, is enjoying their weekend to the max.!! I’m sure the fabulous weather here in Chicago contributed to my having a great week at work 🙂 Plus, it’s making my weekend super amazing. The sky is blue, the air is crisp, and there is no precipitation to be found.! Luckily, I’ve also spent most of this weekend relaxing, talking to friends, dinner with my dad, and even cleaning my house which was filled with dust bunnies.!! gAsP.!!

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Playa del Carmen is also feeling better after the week of rain and flash flooding from wannabe Hanna.! I’ve included two photos from yesterday that my lovely friend P. took. By the way, let’s all wish P. a happy birthday as today is her actual birth day.! P. provides my blog with such lovely photos since I’m not always in playa to take them.!! ¡Feliz cumpleaños P.! Espero pasala super bien tu dia.! Saludos.!!


And speaking of storms, in this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, the Most Interesting Man in the World and I have suffered a schism.!! El jefe talks about going dutch and “getting what you pay for.” Hmmmm….sounds a little sexist to me.! Don’t get me wrong, I like having doors held for me, getting flowers, and being the woman in a relationship. But what I’m averse too is someone thinking that because they bought me dinner, there’s some reward at the end of the night.! My lovely company should be reward enough 🙂 On that note, I’m gonna go have a coffee with one of my good friends.!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.!! Y salud.!!

8 thoughts on “Dos Equis veintiocho

  1. I’m a few days behind. Glad you had a great weekend Rose! I would have to agree with you on the going dutch comment. But unfortunately not too many people, nor our culture, think in the same way. Patrick

      • You’re welcome Rose! Saturday I went for a hike with a friend and we got caught in a rain storm half way through and were complete soaked by the end. Neither of use had any rain gear. We did end up scoring a parking place right by the pizza place where we got dinner to go. All in all it was a great weekend. Pat

      • I’m so glad to hear.! It sounds like fun.! Funny enough, sometimes it’s annoying to get caught in the rain and others times it’s downright fun.! Hoping yours was fun 🙂 Though getting rockstar parking at the pizza place was a nice win.!

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