dia de los muertos…

Since Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) are both just around the corner.! And since, this blog post has become the number one searched blog post in the last 2 weeks..!!! I thought it was a good time to revisit it. Enjoy.!!


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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.!! As a child, I loved getting dressed up and going around the neighborhood collecting candy. Usually, I went with my siblings and cousins. At the end of the evening, we would pour out all the candy on the floor and negotiate candy exchanges.!! It was fantastic.! I would collect as many of my favorite candy bars as I could.!!

As an adult, I loved getting dressed up and going to costume parties with my friends.! I am always fascinated by people’s choices because I think it says volumes about them.!! Including the fact that for almost a decade, one of my brothers went as a pirate because he was too lazy or uninspired to come up with a new idea.! hahaha… Some of my favorite past Halloween costumes include a Starbucks barista, a 1920s flapper, and a witch.!!…

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6 thoughts on “dia de los muertos…

  1. I used to work for a local university. Our department had a strict dress code. One Halloween, I showed up to work in torn jeans, old t-shirt, and a red checked northern lumberjack shirt. The boss went on looking down her nose to ask me, “and what are you supposed to be?” I did no makeup, no zombie thing, not my style.

    I digress, her attitude sucked! lol more than mine did. My response, well, I could be a farmer … or a fisherman … or a lumberjack … or, this could simply be my redneck Sunday best, the choice is yours what you choose to see me as! Oooooo I was very unpopular that day. But damn, I felt the most physically comfortable than I had in years! Hehehe, the one day of the year where I could just be … Jejeje …

    • That’s awesome.!! Her attitude was so not fun.! You don’t need to wear ghoulish makeup to be dressed for Halloween.! I used to work for Starbucks…for many, many years. For a very long time, my go to Halloween costume was a Starbucks barista.! It was easy and economical 🙂

      On another note – I bet DR is a long way from that university dress code 🙂

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