Dos Equis veintinueve

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courtesy of

Feliz Domingo a todos.!!! Happy Sunday everyone.!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend including their Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos festivties.!! I went to a super fun Halloween celebration with close friends on Friday.!! But Saturday was all about Rose.! I spent a relaxing day at home just catching my breath πŸ™‚ Today, I’m spending the day with my dad for his birthday, but before I go….it’s time for el jefe.!

This week’s Dos Equis’s commerical features the Most Interesting Man in the World talking about masquerade parties.! El Jefe seems to think that at the end of a costume party, more should come off than just the mask.! Hmmmmm……well, I guess it depends on the company you’re keeping πŸ™‚ lol.. This year I wore my devil costume complete with horns. But my halo stayed fully affixed to my horns.! jajaja… Enjoy your Sunday.!! Y salud.!!

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