la luna…la luna…la luna llena…

courtesy of

courtesy of

Last night’s full moon was beautiful.!! In playa that is; not in Chicago. Yesterday in Chicago, it was super cold and super cloudy.! No me gusta.! Therefore, I wasn’t able to see last night’s display of la luna llena or the full moon.

But luckily for me, I had some hot chocolate to go with the cold and that made it a little better 🙂 Along with Zenzi Beach’s photo of the full moon in Playa del Carmen last night.!! For a moment or two, I was able to forget about the cold and remember warm beach nights made for sky gazing.!! One day soon, la luna…you and I will be closer….te prometo.

4 thoughts on “la luna…la luna…la luna llena…

    • Thank you.! And you totally should go.! It’s beautiful down there…and relaxing 🙂 Whenever you go – I promise I will tell you all the best places to hang out.!

  1. That sent prematurely. I need to get down there! I also need to come to Chicago. My best friend lives there and I haven’t been in a decade. Also? Eggnog and rum…if you run out of hot chocolate 😉

    • Lol….technology.!! Chicago is awesome especially in spring and fall. Summer’s nice too. You should definitely visit so much has changed in a decade. I think the city has gotten prettier.! Deep sigh…I like the sound of eggnog and rum.! Yummy 🙂

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