Dos Equis treinta y tres

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Feliz lunes a todos.!! Happy Monday everyone.!! I hope everyone here in the states had a joyous Thanksgiving weekend.!! And elsewhere in the world, I hope you had a joyous weekend in general.!! I had a magnificent time 🙂 On Thanksgiving, I not only got to spend it with my extended family and eat lots and lots of turkey.!! I also spent some quality time with someone I care very deeply about it 🙂 On Friday, I spent quality time with myself.!! jajaja…. I worked out, I read, I watched murder mysteries on the telly.! It was fabulous.!!!

Saturday was a little crazy.!! I guess for all that leisure time on Friday, my world needed balancing out. So my see-saw invariably tipped in the other direction and I was non-stop camote as they say in Mexico. I had lunch with my dad and ran a bunch of errands for him and for me.! I went all the way to the far northern suburbs to see more extended family.! Whew.! What a drive.! But I did get to see the movie “Big Hero 6“, so it was completely worth it.

On my way back home, I was supposed to grab a coffee with a friend, but he was too tuckered out by the time I got to his place and so was I. We decided to postpone our visit until Sunday which ended up being a good thing because we went to an underground coffee shop.! Apparently, it’s only open the last Sunday of every month.!! How cool is that.?! Now you all know I love coffee and anything secretive.!! So maybe next to being alive during Prohibition and going to a speakeasy – this is a good as it gets right here right now.!

Which brings us to Monday….I must admit it’s really hard to be working after a long weekend off. But, then again, it’s nice to have a job.! So no complaints.!! This week’s Dos Equis’ commercial is a little longer than usual. We gain more insight into the Most Interesting Man in the World including that he lives dangerously by having a cougar as a pet.! But of course he does, you didn’t think he’d have a regular domestic cat, now did you.?!! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!


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