Bacardi break…

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courtesy of

Feliz lunes mis amigos.!! Happy Monday my friends.!! How was everyone’s weekend.!? Hopefully stellar.! I know mine was 🙂 I spent a lovely Friday evening with a person who is dear to my heart.! And got a thumbs up on my pie making abilities 🙂 Yay me.! Saturday was hectic from sun up to sun down running errands and squeezing in a late dinner with my father.! Let’s not forget all those workouts.! Geesh…. Though I received another lovely slimming compliment at my job, so it must be working.!

On Sunday though, I went to a goodbye party or a despidida for a very good friend 😦 I’m very sad to see her leave as we have been friends for a long while. We did our master’s degree program and most of our study abroads together while in school.! She even came to visit me during our birthday week when I lived in Mexico. And that’s why dear readers, I can’t even think of throwing stones at her for leaving me because I left first to go live in Mexico. But it’s still sad to see her go 😦

me and my birthday buddy

me and my birthday buddy

However, I have a new place to visit as she is moving to Puerto Rico.!!! And all I can say about that is “Hola Puerto Rico“.!!! I am totally going to visit 🙂 And so in honor of my dear friend’s departure, I decided to give Dos Equis a break and showcase a Puerto Rican rum. Now in all fairness, Bacardi originated in Cuba. But after the Cuban revolution, Bacardi moved its operations to Puerto Rico and the Bahamas so it could continue to do business with the U.S. and Britain respectively. So, in short, it’s living an expat life too.!! The video is called “Untameable” just like my birthday buddy.!! Have a great week.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!


2 thoughts on “Bacardi break…

  1. Your Barcardi commercial reminded me of the NOS commercial that was run during NASCAR

    One thing I have learned, really good friendship can survive long distances.

    • Awesome.!! I’ve never seen that commercial before.! Loved it.!!

      And yes, I agree with you…really good friendships can and do survive long distances 🙂 Thanks Patrick.!

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