Bacardi welcome.!!

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courtesy of

Feliz lunes a todos.!!! Happy Monday everyone.!!! I hope everyone’s weekend was spectacular and picture worthy.! I had a fabulous weekend 🙂 On Friday, I went to a holiday party at my job. We spent the afternoon in Chinatown and boy did we eat.! A lot.! I always enjoy spending time in Chicago’s Chinatown. I have many fond memories of hanging out there in my youth. On Saturday, I got to hang out with my dad and do some Christmas shopping for him. And on Saturday evening, I got to try out my herb salmon recipe on a willing participant. I got a thumbs up, so yay.!! Of course I worked out all weekend because the weather was in the 40s, so I had to take advantage of the warmer weather.

This weekend, I decided to continue with the Bacardi theme because my dear friend is leaving for Puerto Rico soon. We have one more goodbye dinner scheduled with our close friends this week at Girl and the Goat. I’m very excited to eat there as they’ve won so many foodie awards. But it will be bittersweet because my birthday buddy is heading for warmer climes. However, I still wanted to welcome her to the Latin quarter with this Bacardi commercial. I promise fellow readers, the Most Interesting Man in the World will return next week. Enjoy.!! Y salud.!!

2 thoughts on “Bacardi welcome.!!

    • Oh you should totally go to Chinatown next time you are visiting.!! It’s super lovely.! I like SF a lot, but it’s very low key. I agree with you about Chicago being more upbeat than SF 🙂

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