I’m dreaming of a beach Christmas….

Last year, we had a really (I mean really) cold winter.!! I never could seem to get warm enough. And I thought about Mexico and how warm it is living in playa during the holidays. This year, from what I’ve heard, Chicago is going to have the worst winter on record since 1905 or something like that.!! Geesh.! Can’t a girl catch a break.?!? In preparation, I bought some rugged Canadian kick winter’s ass boots.! And they arrived today.! There is a small part of me that’s looking forward to wearing them and having snow ball fights. And then of course, there’s always a part of me that’s dreaming of a beach Christmas…. So I thought we would take a walk back in time and see how I felt about this time last year 🙂


courtesy of Facebook.com/PlayadelCarmen.RivieraMaya paamul beach courtesy of Facebook.com/PlayadelCarmen.RivieraMaya

I have spent the last two Christmas’ in Mexico. It became my new tradition after leaving the states. The weather was usually a balmy 72 degrees, I had a nice tan, and somewhere on me there was always a wayward piece of sand.! I loved wearing a tank top, skirt, and flip flops everywhere I went. After growing up in the midwest my whole life, I didn’t miss that crazy weather one iota during the holidays.!!

Last night, I found myself sitting in my car in Chicago for 15 minutes while the defrost worked strenuously to melt the frozen ice on the inside of my windshield.! It was a balmy 0 degrees in Chicago – please note the sarcasm in my voice.! haha… I had on many layers of clothes, boots, scarves….etc…etc… Except for the radio playing, I was bored to death in the car…

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