Please enjoy this post from last year about the Epiphany or the arrival of the three kings.!!


courtesy of facebook/soyplayense.com the three kings held up by the police – courtesy of facebook/soyplayense.com

2013 was the year of epiphanies. I had many of them during that long 12 month period. According to Merriam-Webster.com, an epiphany is “an experience of striking and startling realization”. Therefore, everything from my decision to leave Mexico, to writing a blog, to changing the course of my life journey in 2013 can be labeled an epiphany.! When 2013 started, I had no intention of returning to Chicago and leaving Mexico. Writing a blog was most definitely not on my radar at the beginning of that New Year’s Eve celebration at Sala Rosa.! And both of those epiphanies translated automatically into other life altering events.!

And while last year was full of epiphanies for me, there is another kind of epiphany that is celebrated every year like clockwork. The Epiphany is the celebration of the arrival of the…

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