Dos Equis treinta y siete

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courtesy of

Feliz lunes.!! Happy Monday.!! How was everyone’s weekend.? Hopefully spectacular.! Mine was just plain lovely 🙂 My dance card was full all weekend…I actually had to turn down offers.!! But alas, the weather was also nasty and so kept me from having too much fun. Sometimes, it’s just as nice to cuddle on the sofa and watch a good movie.!

I’ve heard rumors that there will be a slight warm-up toward the end of the week. But I’m just glad right now it’s not negative anything, but especially below zero.!! However, this weather does bring out the bad ass in everyone.!! As I’m walking around in my neighborhood in my fantastic new boots, I definitely feel like I could kick some butt.!! jajaja.. In this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, we get to see the Most Interesting Man in the World as a bad ass.!! And, of course, he’s back with his bevy of women 🙂 Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

4 thoughts on “Dos Equis treinta y siete

  1. Hey Chirose, I nominated you for some blog award:
    I think it’s really just a marketing tool to get ur blog out there…But I have trouble saying “No” to people so I did it.
    Don’t feel obligated to do this too! I figured as annoying as it may be, it is an great opportunity to let you know that your blog is pretty damn cool. Nothing wrong with that right? 😀

    • Thank you so much “Princess Kathleen” for thinking my blog is pretty damn cool.!!! I completely appreciate the nomination. And completely agree with you about the marketing tool bit.!

      Congrats on your nomination.! I think your blog is the best thing ever.!! I literally wait with baited breath for the next installment.! Thanks for appearing in my blog world chica 😀

  2. Good to see that the most interesting man in the world is back in his comfort zone. Out here in California it was 64 over the weekend. Today was cooler at 58. Hopefully some of our nice weather makes it your way and we get some more much needed rain.

    • I know…the world was off kilter for a minute.! Lol… I’ve heard rumors that starting Thursday we will work our way up to 30 degrees.!! In Chicago that means we can wear shorts.! hahaha…

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