Won’t you be my neighbor…

Since I’m still traveling, I haven’t had time to blog. Please enjoy this very very early blog post.! Have a great week.!


courtesy of fredrogers.org courtesy of fredrogers.org

“It’s like Mr. Roger’s neighborhood..!!”

I have said that phrase on many occasions during my stay in Playa del Carmen. I have exclaimed it to my friends in the states and to tourists I met in Playa del Carmen. Everyone there was always so friendly. And chatty. I never felt scared walking home at night. And I walked home a lot of nights since I had left my car back in Chicago. If you didn’t have the right change at the store, they would tell you to bring it the next day. Playa del Carmen definitely had a small town feel – a Mr. Roger’s neighborhood feel.

playa del carmen NYE 2011 playa del carmen NYE 2011

And those words were never more true than on New Year’s Day 2011. I had spent New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend in the center of Playa del Carmen. So many people and music and…

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