Dos Equis treinta y nueve

courtesy of

courtesy of

Feliz jueves.!! Happy Thursday.!! I apologize for the delay in getting Dos Equis out….it’s been a long two weeks. Traveling can surely take a toll on a mind and body…not to mention your soul.! However, I saw so many wonderful people on my sojourn.! And I had so much fun even though there was very little sleep.!! Throughout my trip, the one message that resonated with me was learning to be present or be in the now. And so I decided to wait to post this blog until I could actually be in the present and not just slap something together to say it was checked off.!

Also, this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial is a radio commercial. Unfortunately, we are nearing the end of our relationship with the Most Interesting Man in the World unless they make a new commercial soon.!! I will, of course, keep you all updated 🙂 In this week’s commercial, our favorite protagonist is so charming, they had to make a vaccine for it.!! Personally, I think I may need a dosage.!! jajaja… Oh yeah, and dolphins appear when he’s around.!! Must be nice 🙂 Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

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