Dos Equis treinta y seis

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Feliz lunes.!! Happy Monday.!! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am still recovering from the last two weeks.!! The holidays were amazing and seeing dear friends even more delightful 🙂 After all of the hoopla with NYE, I spent all of New Year’s day relaxing. I don’t believe I lifted a finger except to change the channel on the remote.! jajaja… Friday was even more delightful as I spent the day with a loved one eating homemade blueberry pancakes and canoodling.! It was blissful 🙂

Saturday was a pretty intense day as I met up with my NYE friends for a night of bar hopping.! No really, it was more like lazy sauntering between one high end cocktail bar to another. I had some fabulous drinks from some of the best mixologists in Chicago.! What a great city to enjoy a premium old-fashioned.! Of course, we then topped the night off with Thai beer at an awesome punk rock ‘n roll bar – Delilahs.! My pillow never felt so good when I finally laid my head on it.!! But oh the fun we had 😀

On Sunday, it was back to low key happenings and errands.! And of course dinner with my dad.! I have spent so much of these last two weeks toasting to my friends, to good health, to success that I thought it would be a good idea to hear what the Most Interesting Man in the World has to say about toasting. In this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, we get to find out.! Enjoy.!! Y salud.!!

adios 2014….bienvenido 2015.!!

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Feliz Año Nuevo.!! Happy New Year.!! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve whether you chose to stay at home, party hard, or greet the new year with a smile 😀 I chose to enjoy my evening in the company of dear friends who are visiting and I haven’t seen in ages.! We ate a little, we drank a little, we talked and laughed a lot, reminiscing over old stories, and we reveled with the rest of the city as we watched the fireworks.!! It was delightful.!

Two other amazing moments happened for me yesterday too. For starters, I realized I am not cursed about not seeing friends again when I spend NYE with them. (See last year’s post for clarity – Last night proved me wrong. I have spent New Year’s Eve with this crew before and we have remained friends and revisited another New Year’s Eve last night. I think I was just spending the last few NYE’s with the wrong people.! But no more.!

Original crew bringing in 2008

original crew bringing in 2008

The second amazing event that occurred yesterday – I reached 500 blog followers.!!! Thank you so much.!!! Never in my wildest dreams…never…would I have thought anyone would read what I wrote. So I thank you.! I thank the 1st person who followed me. I thank the 245th person who followed me. And I thank the reader who tipped me over into 500 followers.! And, of course, everyone in between.! You are all amazing.!

And so I leave each and every one of you with the sentiment intimated in the photo above – “amor, alegria, y cerveza fria!” In 2015, may you all have love, joy, and a cold beer.!! Or a glass of wine, if that’s your thing. Or hot cocoa, if it’s not 🙂 But you get the point.!! Happy New Year 2015.!!