and yes…this is a corona commercial…


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Today is NFL Super Bowl XLIX or 49.!! The Seattle Seahawks are playing the New England Patriots in Glendale, Arizona. I had Super Bowl plans, but this snow storm has unfortunately derailed them :-/ The winter storm warning from yesterday officially turned into a blizzard today.!! So I’ll be watching the game from my comfy couch and just chatting with my friends on the phone.!!

In case you guys hadn’t heard, both coaches in this year’s Super Bowl can claim Croatian heritage.!! The Seahawks’ coach has a maternal grandmother from Croatia; while, the Patriots’ coach can claim being Croatian on his father’s side.!! So regardless of which team wins, Croatia wins 🙂 In honor of today’s Super Bowl, I thought a tribute by a Mexican beer commercial was in order. Enjoy.!!

2 thoughts on “and yes…this is a corona commercial…

    • I know…it’s crazy.! It just keeps snowing and snowing.! Most of my friends are home too…thank goodness for technology so we can scream on the phone and facebook together 😀

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