find your beach take 1

courtesy of

courtesy of

Feliz lunes mis amigos.!! Happy Monday my friends.!! I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day and weekend was special whether you spent it with a special someone, your friends, your family, or yourself.! I was supremely lucky and got to do a little of all of the above.!! And managed to get some roses too 😀

This week is also looking to be fantastic as I start my new gig tomorrow.! Yay me.!! However, the weather is not cooperating. Chicago is having a super cold week with below freezing temperatures in some instances. Needless to say, it’s a great time of year to cuddle and canoodle with someone.! jajaja

As I mentioned last week, The Most Interesting Man in the World is on hiatus. So in the meantime, we are moving to another much beloved Mexican beer – Corona.!! And considering how cold it’s been here lately, Corona’s Find Your Beach campaign seems pretty relevant right about now.! Have a great week everyone.! Enjoy.!! Y salud.!!

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