playa calling…

Hello everyone…more snow and cold hit Chicago last night and is expected throughout the weekend. My whiny self has no energy to blog today 🙂 Please enjoy this poem I wrote from last year.!


sunrise sunrise

“¿Me recuerdas, Rosa?”, the soft Caribbean breeze whispers to me. It seductively tickles the lower lobe of my ear. I smile wistfully.

“Do you remember me, Rose?”, los suaves susurros brisa del Caribe a mí. Es seductora cosquillea el lóbulo inferior de mi oreja. Sonrío con nostalgia.

No me olvides, Rosa,” the gentle ocean waves plead. They gently caress the soles of my feet as the tide slinks in and out onto the soft sand. I sigh contentedly.

“Don’t forget me, Rose,” las olas del mar suaves suplican. Ellos acarician suavemente las plantas de mis pies como la marea se colara dentro y hacia fuera sobre la arena blanda. Suspiro con satisfacción.

playa del carmen playa del carmen

“¿Por qué no me amas, Rosa?”, the glorious sun implores me from the azure sky. It lovingly soothes and warms the nape of my neck. I close…

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