find your beach take 5

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Feliz martes.!! Happy Tuesday.!! Just when I thought the weather was getting better in Chicago, we got more snow.!! Everyone thought it was only going to be a dusting. But mother nature had other plans. It was a full five inches of snow and of course it ruined morning rush hour.! Oh well…shoulder shrug…welcome to Chicago.! I hear nicer weather is in our future, so I’m still holding out hope. At least, I had a nice weekend 🙂 There were tasty beverages and strawberries involved so all is right with the world.!

In this week’s Corona commercial, our faithful beer drinkers are making the best out of not being near a beautiful Mexican beach. Like the rest of us, including me, they found their own “beach”. Have a great week everyone.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

2 thoughts on “find your beach take 5

  1. Those two are definitely choosing to be happy in their circumstances. 🙂

    Weather report from my place in the world…a bone chilling 68 degrees today.
    Tomorrow will be 77 degrees.
    Thursday will be 85 degrees.
    Friday starts a cooling trend to 82 degrees.
    Saturday will be a bone chilling 76 degrees.

    You have the water. I have the sun. In Northern California we really need the rain…or snow.

    Have a great week Rose!!!

    • Hahahaha…oh Patrick.! How I wish I could send you some snow so that Northern California could have some water 🙂 That would make me very happy.!! Enjoy your bone chilling weather my friend.! Have a great week too 🙂

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