time-outs and rainbows…

rainbow march

Chicago gets snow and Playa gets rainbows. Well at least one rainbow or arco iris. Isn’t it beautiful.?!! Courtesy of my lovely friend P., the photographer.

Who, by the way, also posted the meme you see below on my FB page the other day. With the following caption – “Rose you need it too! lol” Hmmmmm…. I’m thinking she might be right 😀

courtesy of rumtherapy.com

courtesy of rumtherapy.com

4 thoughts on “time-outs and rainbows…

  1. I could use that timeout too! I read a story once about how a gentleman was sent to the beach by his doctor. The prescription told him to write his problem in the sand at low tide. He was then to sit on the beach until high tide when his problems would be washed away.

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