you can run…but you can’t hide…

Hello Everyone.!!! It was Benito Juarez’s (former Mexican president) birthday the other day.! And they had a small celebration near my job. Here is a former post talking about the president. Enjoy.!


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So for many months now, I’ve been walking by a particular statue by my job downtown. I never really gave it much thought until the other week because I noticed people kept taking their photo by the statue. Normally, I just wind my way around tourists taking pictures of the skyscrapers and the ‘Horses of Honor’ artwork decorating Michigan Avenue. I learned how to do that exceptionally well when I lived in playa.!! But for some reason, I was intrigued. Who was this man.? Why were people taking photos with him.? And so, on a rare warm day as I strolled by, I stopped to read the plaque affixed near the statue. The plaque read – Benito Juárez.! Are you kidding me.?!? Benito Juárez.!

Are you telling me, there is a statue of the former president of Mexico right outside my job.?! I’m sure I’ve mentioned several…

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