On Heartbreak and Writer’s Block

A very beautiful sentiment by another of my favorite bloggers at http://mexicoretold.com/. All too often, we speak of the beauty of a place without acknowledging it’s pain. And yet, sometimes it’s important to remember the beauty because it’s way too easy to discuss the darkness. Enjoy her perspective….

Mexico Retold

I have to be honest, I have been struggling to write recently and I wanted to talk about it here with you, my dear readers. I have a sadness-induced writer’s block. I have a fear that I might be doing a disservice writer’s block. I have a worry of being seen as naïve writer’s block. The problem is that writing is my life so without it I feel incomplete, so I decided instead to write about my writer’s block to see if I might conquer it.

So as many of you know, I write about Mexico.  I write the positive story of Mexico that doesn’t make it to the international press too often. I seek out the beauty and the uniqueness of this country that I love dearly and write stories about that. This last five months, however have been tough. Mexico, a country that I always describe as being…

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London welcomes Mexico

My fellow blogger at https://distantdrumlin.wordpress.com captured these wonderful photos of President Peña Nieto’s trip to London. The Mexican president (with his lovely wife) was visiting with the Queen of England and Prince Phillip. Enjoy.!!

Distant Drumlin

Today President Peña Nieto of Mexico began a state visit to the United Kingdom.  London was dressed up for the visit.

mexican state visit flags

Of course there is a permanent Mexican presence here, at the Embassy on St. George Street, London W1.

embassy of mexico signI didn’t see any of the special events for the state visit, but I stopped on The Mall to watch some of London’s daily pageantry.

horseguards on the mall


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find your beach take 3

courtesy of corona.com

courtesy of corona.com

Feliz martes a todos.!! Happy Tuesday everyone.!! I apologize for the lateness of my Corona post. It’s been another crazy week/weekend. Between working and working out, I’ve been one busy girl.!! But that’s better than being unemployed and lazy.!!! jajaja

Please enjoy the latest installment of the Corona’s Find Your beach campaign. In this week’s installment, one of our lovely beer drinkers lets his eyes stray just a little bit too far. I love his girlfriend’s response.!! See you in a couple of days 🙂 Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

dirty laundry…

courtesy of facebook.com/sabadogigante

courtesy of facebook.com/sabadogigante

The above meme, “Los trapitos sucios van aqui, no aqui“, translates into “The dirty laundry goes here (inside the laundry basket), and not here (FB)”.

I tend to agree with that statement. Enough said for today. See you for Corona tomorrow 🙂