find your beach take 10

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Feliz lunes a todos.!! Happy Monday everyone.!! I hope everyone was able to start off the new week well rested and refreshed from their weekend festivities.! I know I was 🙂 There was just enough rest – sleeping in late because of the rain – and activity – workouts, friends, and family – to make the weekend lovely.! Now if I could only get some hunky guy to bring me coffee in bed that would be perfect.! jajaja

Speaking of perfect, how perfect would it be to party on a beach where you can watch the sunset and moonrise within moments of each other.?!! Wherever this place is….someone please let me know.! Apparently, our partygoers in this week’s Corona commercial have found the spot and they are keeping it a secret.!! Hmmmmm…..maybe the Most Interesting Man in the World knows.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

“calmate rosa”

I am still working on being calm…I mean I’m Croatian after all. But I’m getting better. Here’s a reminder from two years ago…


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A todos mis amigos Mexicanos que con frecuencia decían: “Calmate Rosa” – al parecer no es posible – jajajaja..!! Or in English, to all my Mexican friends who frequently decried: “Calm yourself Rose” – apparently it’s not possible – hahaha..!!

In one of my earlier posts, I described the Mexican concept of mañana. In this concept, life is too short to be lived on tight schedules and should be enjoyed. Rigid schedules are only for buses and airplanes. Since this was Memorial weekend here in the states, I decided to embrace the concept of mañana again..!! I had several friends visiting and I wanted to enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

But this weekend, I was also thinking about the Mexican phrases calmate and tranquilo – calm yourself and tranquil. The weekend was such a hectic blur of people, traffic, cars and crazy energy..!! So many…

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the adventures of Ethel…

I’ve been fantasizing about potatoes from Skinny Bikini in Playa del Carmen. But it’s so much more than potatoes….it’s also about fun 🙂


Ethel and my friend K.'s daughter Ethel and my friend K.’s daughter

One of my favorite places to eat in Playa del Carmen is at Skinny Bikini Potatoes.!!! They have the best stuffed potatoes including ones topped with vegetables or chicken breasts or steak and even lobster.! They are delicious and economical.! Plus they have some of the best sauces to top off your stuffed potatoes – chipotle, cilantro, garlic, blue cheese, and habanero.!! And you guys know how I feel about sauces.!! Yummy.!!!

But the restaurant’s claim to fame is their almost 8 foot tall skinny bikini girl named Ethel.! Ethel sits outside the restaurant mostly enjoying the sun and trying to keep Lester the lobster from pulling down her bikini top.! jajaja… However, Ethel also sometimes decides to go hang out with the locals and tourists and disappears for days at a time. One time, she disappeared for 2 months.!! Only in playa.!!

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find your beach take 9

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Feliz martes.!! Happy Tuesday.!! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week.! Mine is super busy.!! But what else is new.?! jajaja… My weekend was a little boring because I wasn’t feeling well. But I’m feeling better and hoping to make it up with mega plans for the rest of the week and the weekend.!

But really I’ve mostly been thinking about vacations. I really think I’m in desperate need of getting away…to a beach…with a cerveza in my hand 🙂 This week’s Corona commercial is made for all of us looking to get away. I’m sure we have all thought about doing this to our cell phones or work phones many many times.!! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

Harvesting cactus

Cactus or nopal is a delicacy in Mexico.! Let’s read all about it from

Surviving Mexico

I love cactus! It has a fresh, green taste that is all its own. And it can be found right in our little community, no trip to the fruteria (greengrocers) necessary. We’ve even planted some cactus in our backyard, however it will be YEARS before they are big enough to harvest from.


The nopal (cactus) is one of the fundamental symbols of Mexico.  It is considered la planta de vida (life-giving plant) as it seems to never die.  Fallen pencas (leaves) form new plants, therefore an apt symbol of the life-rebirth cycle found in the most ancient of Mexican myths.full of tunas

According to legend, the first nopal (cactus) grew from Copil‘s heart, son of Malinalxochitl, the moon, and Chimalcuauhtli.  Copil had attempted to murder his uncle Huitzilopochtli, the sun, because he had abandoned his mother.  According to legend, Huitzilopochtli defeated his nephew and removed Copil’s heart, which was later…

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chela, chelada, mmm…michelada

Since warmer days are ahead….I think it’s time for a drink refresher.!! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!


mexcian beers mexcian beers courtesy of

Una cerveza por favor” is usually the first thing most tourists request when they land in Mexico. Well, that is, right after they have ordered guacamole.! While Mexico is not the beer making capital of the world, there are still many good beer choices in a variety of flavors. You might want a lighter beer such as Corona or Sol. Or maybe you prefer a lager such as Dos Equis. Dos Equis also has an amber option. Then of course, there is Modelo, Pacifico and let’s not forget Tecate. Victoria is also a great beer with a slight bitter taste which until recently was only available in Mexico. In fact, even now, it’s only found in a select few American cities.

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Of course, to go along with your beer choice, you must have some salt and lime..!! Now you really…

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find your beach take 8

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Feliz martes.!! Happy Tuesday.!! The weather in Chicago just keeps getting better and better. While it may be partly cloudy, it’s not raining.! Or snowing for that matter. Plus it’s a balmy 50 degrees 🙂 And yet, I keep thinking about faraway places and beautiful beaches. I feel restless. I’m ready for a vacation I think.!

But before that can happen, we need to check out this week’s Corona commercial. I know it’s a little too early for football season, but not for these guys. And as much as men like women, it appears they like women with beer even more.!! jajajaja…. Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

money can’t buy you love….

I shared this video early on in my blogging career. I really love it.! And since I have so many new followers who probably haven’t seen it, I thought today was a good day to revisit it. Enjoy.!!


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Or happiness for that matter… But, on the other hand, it does buy you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about paying your rent, paying your bills, or paying those you owe. It also gives you independence and the freedom to make choices. Without money, you end up indebted sometimes in more ways than one. And besides my father, that is one of the main reasons I returned from Mexico. I knew I was never going to make the kind of money that would have given me the freedom I so desire. And boy do I desire that freedom – to breathe easy, to travel, to live..!!

And in honor of that amazing dream, I want to talk about the new one hundred dollar bill which made it’s debut recently.! It’s pretty savvy.!! Plus it has several advanced security features.! For starters, it has…

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The Comeback Kid: ¡VIVA MÉXICO!

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In February of 2013, Thomas Friedman, a journalist for the New York Times wrote an interesting article about Mexico called, “How Mexico Got Back in the Game”. The article started with this explosive opening paragraph: “IN India, people ask you about China, and, in China, people ask you about India: Which country will become the more dominant economic power in the 21st century? I now have the answer: Mexico.” In it, Friedman talks about the good, the bad and the ugly in Mexico; but, how nonetheless, there is promise.

I’m including the New York Times link for those of you who would prefer to read his observations firsthand. For the rest of us, I’ve included a condensed version in video format sponsored by AIESEC, an international non-profit that provides young people with leadership development. Enjoy.!

find your beach take 7

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Feliz lunes.!! Happy Monday.!! I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter.! Or Passover.! Or just a wonderful weekend.! My weekend was a rollercoaster ride, but as the saying goes “sometimes you’re on top of the wheel of fortune and sometimes you’re getting smooshed by it.” Or something like that. jajaja… Needless to say, even with the great weather in Chicago, I was thinking about warmer climes. There’s something about being on vacation that no amount of rest and relaxation at home can match.

It just puts you in a different mind frame. For example, in this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, the guys are on vacation. And one particular “guy toy” gets utilized in a manner that would have started a fight back home. But here, on vacation, it brings a toast.! Because on vacation everyone is just more chill, you know.! Have a great week everyone.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!