local, no una turista

Since spring break is upon us…and Passover…and Easter week…I thought I would share a post from last year about being a local instead of a tourist. This time period is very busy in Playa del Carmen. And I fondly remember, I always enjoyed that I was a local rather than a tourist.! Enjoy.!!



One of the many reasons I enjoyed living in Playa del Carmen was the feeling of belonging. I was a resident. I could legally live there and work there. I was not a tourist. The very idea of not being a tourist made me giddy.!! I have never enjoyed being a tourist. A traveler maybe. A temporary resident for sure. And with some possible exceptions, like hiring a tour guide in Rome, I have exemplified that spirit in all of my travels.

So living in playa came with that extra sweetness of not being a tourist.! I was a true local 🙂 And being a true local allowed me some lovely perks. For starters, whenever someone didn’t recognize me, I could issue the following line and be left alone and/or cordially welcomed, “soy local, no una turista”. That was all that needed to be said and I was free to…

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