the adventures of Ethel…

I’ve been fantasizing about potatoes from Skinny Bikini in Playa del Carmen. But it’s so much more than potatoes….it’s also about fun 🙂


Ethel and my friend K.'s daughter Ethel and my friend K.’s daughter

One of my favorite places to eat in Playa del Carmen is at Skinny Bikini Potatoes.!!! They have the best stuffed potatoes including ones topped with vegetables or chicken breasts or steak and even lobster.! They are delicious and economical.! Plus they have some of the best sauces to top off your stuffed potatoes – chipotle, cilantro, garlic, blue cheese, and habanero.!! And you guys know how I feel about sauces.!! Yummy.!!!

But the restaurant’s claim to fame is their almost 8 foot tall skinny bikini girl named Ethel.! Ethel sits outside the restaurant mostly enjoying the sun and trying to keep Lester the lobster from pulling down her bikini top.! jajaja… However, Ethel also sometimes decides to go hang out with the locals and tourists and disappears for days at a time. One time, she disappeared for 2 months.!! Only in playa.!!

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