find your beach take 10

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Feliz lunes a todos.!! Happy Monday everyone.!! I hope everyone was able to start off the new week well rested and refreshed from their weekend festivities.! I know I was 🙂 There was just enough rest – sleeping in late because of the rain – and activity – workouts, friends, and family – to make the weekend lovely.! Now if I could only get some hunky guy to bring me coffee in bed that would be perfect.! jajaja

Speaking of perfect, how perfect would it be to party on a beach where you can watch the sunset and moonrise within moments of each other.?!! Wherever this place is….someone please let me know.! Apparently, our partygoers in this week’s Corona commercial have found the spot and they are keeping it a secret.!! Hmmmmm…..maybe the Most Interesting Man in the World knows.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

4 thoughts on “find your beach take 10

  1. I confess, I do not want to like him, but the most interesting man in the world amuses me, what can I say? Yet another fun post, thank you! I would like to be on that beach no hunky guy needed.

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