Lunar eclipses, blood moons, and Easter.! Oh my.!!

april moon

This Saturday’s full moon was also the third blood moon in a four-part series. Blood moons get their nickname from the orange coloring present before, during, and after a lunar eclipse. Yesterday’s lunar eclipse was also the quickest of the last two eclipses. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the full moon in blood moon coloring. But, my friend, P., and Zenzi Beach did a great job capturing the full moon in all of her beauty 🙂

Today is Easter for most Christians around the world. Interesting tidbit about Easter is that it never falls on the same date. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after (never on) the Paschal full moon. The Paschal full moon is the first full moon occurring on or after the spring equinox. So this weekend had it all…a lunar eclipse, a blood moon, Easter. And Passover.!

I hope everyone got a chance to see the moon last night. She was resplendent.! She even made Lake Michigan look good as she cast her moon beams on the water.! I hope everyone is having a great day. See you for Corona soon 🙂

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local, no una turista

Since spring break is upon us…and Passover…and Easter week…I thought I would share a post from last year about being a local instead of a tourist. This time period is very busy in Playa del Carmen. And I fondly remember, I always enjoyed that I was a local rather than a tourist.! Enjoy.!!



One of the many reasons I enjoyed living in Playa del Carmen was the feeling of belonging. I was a resident. I could legally live there and work there. I was not a tourist. The very idea of not being a tourist made me giddy.!! I have never enjoyed being a tourist. A traveler maybe. A temporary resident for sure. And with some possible exceptions, like hiring a tour guide in Rome, I have exemplified that spirit in all of my travels.

So living in playa came with that extra sweetness of not being a tourist.! I was a true local 🙂 And being a true local allowed me some lovely perks. For starters, whenever someone didn’t recognize me, I could issue the following line and be left alone and/or cordially welcomed, “soy local, no una turista”. That was all that needed to be said and I was free to…

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