Corona moves over for Canadian Club….

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Feliz miercoles.!! Happy Wednesday.!! It’s been rough going as you all might have read on my blog. My dad is still in the hospital and while he has improved a little, it will still be a long, long journey. It was also Memorial Day weekend here in the states where we honor the brave men and women of the military who gave the ultimate sacrifice – their lives – for our freedom. For some reason, even though my father was not in the military (he was a rebel after all), the holiday resonated more loudly with me than usual. Maybe because instead of meeting family over barbeque, we were meeting in the hospital 😦

I did spend some time enjoying the company of my friends whether on the phone or in person. I had a delicious burger, truffle fries, and some tasty beverages with a lovely friend on Friday night.! One of my really good friends was also in town from Puerto Rico and we got to catch up with our old crew over a lovely Thai dinner and Sangria.! I managed to hear some wonderful stories from my friends and get in some much needed smiles and laughter. One of my friends also sent me a hysterical video from Anna Akana called “Women Can Be Dicks Too”. It was hysterical.!! I highly recommend a look see. On that note – I want to thank all of my family and friends who have held my hand, hugged me, fed me, listened to me talk, listened to me cry, made me laugh, made me smile – where would I be without all of you 🙂 You are my rocks, my legends, my Greek nymphs.!!

My mom, my rebel dad and me

My mom, my rebel dad and me

Corona is taking a holiday this week and Canadian Club is stepping in as a pinch hitter. Canadian Club has nothing to do with Mexico, but everything to do with my father. He has been drinking Canadian Club for as long as I can remember. He used to say it would put hair on my chest so I always avoided it.!! Lol… But now I can’t wait dad until you wake up and we have another drink together because I don’t care about chest hair anymore.! That’s why they have laser hair removal 🙂 Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

si, si, comprendo…

A cute story from my time in Mexico when my Spanish was rusty and my Russian non-existent.!! Enjoy.!!


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A universal translator is a device that allows instant translation of any language. It is usually found in science fiction movies and the languages translated are usually alien ones. One example is the universal translator used by Uhura in Star Trek in 1966. Another example is an actual robot that can translate, R2-D2 himself, in Star Wars in 1977. I remember as a kid thinking that the universal translator was a cool device and I wished it was real. Remember, I learned English at the lovely age of 5. But of course that idea seemed as farfetched as Scotty beaming us down to another planet.

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However, unlike the ability to beam, some science fiction ideas have come to fruition in the very recent past. Now, most people communicate with each other through a Bluetooth. A device very similar to the coms used on Star…

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esos ojos

One of my very early blog posts about my visit to a coffee farm in Chiapas.!! Please enjoy while I’m still dealing with personal issues.


esos ojos

In March of 2010, I took my last class for my master’s program. Luckily for me, that last class was also a study abroad trip to Chiapas, Mexico. While we were in Chiapas, we learned about sustainable growth, indigenous rights and the history of Mexico. We met with many groups, toured non-profit organizations and visited some villages. And of course, we ate some great food – moles, tacos, chicken, etc. And we drank some wonderful coffee as there are many coffee farms in Chiapas.!


One of the villages that most stands out for me during that trip is Nuevo Yibeljoj in Chiapas, Mexico. The town is in the highlands of Chiapas and in 2010 had a population of 595 residents. The town’s inhabitants are Tzeltal or Tzotzil speaking indigenous peoples. Many of the residents have small coffee farms in what can only be described as their backyards. The town belongs…

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find your beach take 12

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Feliz martes a todos.!! Happy Tuesday everyone.!! I apologize that I have been so scattered with my posts the last two weeks. My father has been in ICU for 13 days and some days were pretty bad. I haven’t wanted to write about it because I was hoping for him to turn a corner first and it seems he finally has done that.! We’re still waiting for him to wake up so we can communicate with him. But the worst seems to be over. Ojalá.!

I’ve also been dealing with the loss of someone who I thought cared about me immensely. It’s funny how certain life events (my father’s sickness in this instance) can crystallize a relationship for you in a matter of moments. I went from thinking I was going to build a life with this person to never wanting to see them again. What’s even worse is now they’re blaming me for the demise of our “relationship”. I’m using air quotes because at this point…I don’t even believe there was anything between us. Who abandons you when you need them the most.?!

Anyway…shoulder shrug.. Next.!! Próxima.!! This week’s Corona commercial is called message in a bottle. And honestly the way my last two weeks have been going – it’s been like waiting for a message in a bottle. Long, emotional (wet), and no end point in sight. From waiting for my dad to awaken physically to waiting for this dunderhead to awaken emotionally…it’s been a long slog through hell. I just hope I’m as happy at the end as the guy seems to be at the end of this commercial. Maybe there’s a Corona within a Corona in my future too 🙂 Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

May Holidays in Mexico–El Día del Maestro–Teachers’ Day

Hello dear readers…My life is still topsy-tursy. Please enjoy this blog from about El Día del Maestro or Teacher’s Day.! See you soon 🙂

Surviving Mexico

El Día del Maestro (Teachers’ day) is celebrated on May 15th. Recently, this has been marked by a school suspension granted by SEP which means a day off for teachers. Whoohoo! It was first celebrated in 1918 in Mexico.

San Isidoro  Saint Isidore the Famer San Isidoro
Saint Isidore the Farmer

According to some, May 15th was chosen because of a celebration in San Luis Potosí. Students gathered every May 15 to celebrate the birthday of a teacher named Isidoro, named after Saint Isidore the Farmer, (San Isidoro) whose Saint Day is May 15, the day of his death in the year 1130 or 1172 depending on the source consulted. Isidore, the farmer-not the teacher, was made a Saint in 1622. Saint Isidore is often depicted as a peasant with a stalk of corn and while apropos for Mexico, not exactly a teacher representation.

Come again?

Ok, let’s try…

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I’m back…


Yes…’s true.! I was in Playa del Carmen last week 🙂 I have some photos and wonderful stories to share, I promise. It’s just been a tumultuous week for me personally.

So I will just start today with my welcome drink at my favorite Starbucks in Playa.! And leave the rest of the stories to come out over the next several posts…

Dos Equis cinco redux

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Feliz lunes a todos.!! Happy Monday everyone.!! This weekend has been super involved…and a little overwhelming. So forgive me my very short blog post. I hope everyone’s weekend was way way better than mine. And I hope everyone’s week is super fantastic.! I will explain more later…

Since I need a little bit of fun in my life….I’ve resurrected The Most Interesting Man in the World today. And not just with one commercial…but with two.!! The first one is from 2010 and I aired it on my blog last year for Cinco de Mayo. The second commercial is a new one from 2015.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

May Holidays in Mexico– El Dia de la Madre–Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day.!! Feliz dia de la Madre.!!! Please enjoy this post from as I am dealing with some personal business.

Surviving Mexico

My little Mexican This little guy makes me the proud mother of a Mexican!

May 10th is Mexican Mother’s Day. It’s not an official day off, although all kindergartens and elementary schools, both private and public, have class suspensions for some sort of civic event, whether singing, theater or art, to show appreciation for mom. It’s a fixed holiday, so the day it falls on is the day it is observed as opposed to the Sunday jumping of the U.S.

In Mexico, May 10th was chosen way back in 1911 but didn’t get much attention until 1922, after Rafael Alducin wrote an article in the journal El Hogar supporting the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day. In his article, Alducin stressed the sanctity of motherhood as one of Mexico’s traditional and fundamental values. The Catholic Church took up the call as a way to discourage family planning and reduce the threat…

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la luna…la luna…no.! El sol….


While, there was an amazing full moon earlier this week. Nobody I know took a photo of it.!! I think everyone was too busy celebrating Cinco de Mayo.!! jajaja

dawn 2

dawn 3

However, my friend P., the photographer, did manage to get some beautiful photos of the sunrise (el amanecer) over the Caribbean the day before the festivities began. So let’s enjoy the sun today 🙂

dawn 4

dawn 5

find your beach take 11

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo.!!! Happy May 5th.!!! Ok…I know it’s really May 6th.!! But I’ve been super busy.!!! For one, I was in Playa del Carmen last week.!! Yay.!! But, it was bittersweet. For the sweet part – I had so much fun and I saw great friends!! It was awesome to reconnect 🙂 On the bitter part – so much has changed and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I promise to dissect my visit over the next several posts (pictures included).!! Secondly, I came back home to a bunch of work…so just a little occupied.! Plus I posted an historical bit on Cinco de Mayo yesterday…so I had to post a fun post today.!!

This week’s Corona commercial does just that.! It celebrates Cinco de Mayo and continues our theme of ‘find your beach’. Even after several years, the beach in Playa still makes me smile 🙂 There’s something to be said for relaxing in that clear, clear, blue water of the Caribbean while the puffy clouds float above your head in the azure sky. It’s enough to put you in a blissful head space.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!