Why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo

As I have already described Cinco de Mayo in previous years’ blog posts – I thought today we would take a look at the holiday from another blogger. Please enjoy WQAD.com’s holiday explanation.! Salud.!!


(CNN) — Guacamole and fajitas. Mexican flags and mariachi bands. Margaritas, beer — and more beer. (Sometimes with lime, thanks to that clever marketing campaign.)

It’s May 5, and America is celebrating Cinco de Mayo — but why?

The Mexican holiday is still celebrated in Mexico, but the local tributes pale next to the giant celebration in the United States, complete with restaurant specials, high-volume advertising and endless promotion. Here are five things you should know about May 5.

1. It’s not Mexican Independence Day.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over France (of all countries) at the Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862.

Mexico had been invaded by Spain, France and Great Britain in late 1861, but within six months Spain and Britain had pulled out. With the U.S. Civil War raging north of the Mexican border, the French decided to take advantage of the chaos and invade…

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2 thoughts on “Why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo

  1. Hi Dear Rose. l didn´t know 5 de mayo was so important in the states, it was a great surprise for me. Food recomendations? you were so closed to the “enchiladas poblanas” mmm

    • I know…it’s a little crazy. When I went to live in Mexico, I didn’t realize it wasn’t as important. Important…yes. But not like El Grito.! Most Americans don’t even know about El Grito.!!! And yes…I always loved enchiladas poblanas 😀 que rico.!

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