find your beach take 11

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo.!!! Happy May 5th.!!! Ok…I know it’s really May 6th.!! But I’ve been super busy.!!! For one, I was in Playa del Carmen last week.!! Yay.!! But, it was bittersweet. For the sweet part – I had so much fun and I saw great friends!! It was awesome to reconnect 🙂 On the bitter part – so much has changed and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I promise to dissect my visit over the next several posts (pictures included).!! Secondly, I came back home to a bunch of work…so just a little occupied.! Plus I posted an historical bit on Cinco de Mayo yesterday…so I had to post a fun post today.!!

This week’s Corona commercial does just that.! It celebrates Cinco de Mayo and continues our theme of ‘find your beach’. Even after several years, the beach in Playa still makes me smile 🙂 There’s something to be said for relaxing in that clear, clear, blue water of the Caribbean while the puffy clouds float above your head in the azure sky. It’s enough to put you in a blissful head space.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

6 thoughts on “find your beach take 11

  1. Yo sentí super feliz de volver a verte. Sigues tan hermosa como siempre pero el calor del caribe te hace más bella. Vuelve pronto!

    • Ay amiga.!! Igual…igual.!! Yo estaba feliz de verte! Gracias por los elogios.! Eres demasiado buena y hermosa y sorprendente como siempre. Prometo volver pronto.! Voy a publicar fotos de Sanborns pronto también. Besos.!

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