find your beach take 12

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Feliz martes a todos.!! Happy Tuesday everyone.!! I apologize that I have been so scattered with my posts the last two weeks. My father has been in ICU for 13 days and some days were pretty bad. I haven’t wanted to write about it because I was hoping for him to turn a corner first and it seems he finally has done that.! We’re still waiting for him to wake up so we can communicate with him. But the worst seems to be over. Ojalá.!

I’ve also been dealing with the loss of someone who I thought cared about me immensely. It’s funny how certain life events (my father’s sickness in this instance) can crystallize a relationship for you in a matter of moments. I went from thinking I was going to build a life with this person to never wanting to see them again. What’s even worse is now they’re blaming me for the demise of our “relationship”. I’m using air quotes because at this point…I don’t even believe there was anything between us. Who abandons you when you need them the most.?!

Anyway…shoulder shrug.. Next.!! Próxima.!! This week’s Corona commercial is called message in a bottle. And honestly the way my last two weeks have been going – it’s been like waiting for a message in a bottle. Long, emotional (wet), and no end point in sight. From waiting for my dad to awaken physically to waiting for this dunderhead to awaken emotionally…it’s been a long slog through hell. I just hope I’m as happy at the end as the guy seems to be at the end of this commercial. Maybe there’s a Corona within a Corona in my future too 🙂 Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

2 thoughts on “find your beach take 12

  1. I’m pleased with the progress in your dad’s health. Will be praying for more. But most pleased with your discovering the real state-of-affairs of your “relationship”. Inspired by your courage to share–my mom is battling cancer. No intent of being a downer. Just letting off steam. Nice getting to know you more…

    • Thank you so much.! It’s been difficult and not usually what I write about on my blog. But I thought I needed to answer my absences and reblogs lately 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s battle with cancer. Sending good thoughts your way.! And I get the desire to let off steam…believe you me.! Nice getting to know you too.

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