find your beach take 14

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Feliz martes a todos.!! Happy Tuesday everyone.!! It’s been a crazy week.! Really it’s just been a crazy year.!! But it was a good one nonetheless 🙂

How do you know when circumstances have gone from horrible to way better.? You visit your dad in the hospital and he swings one leg over the bed, grabs your arm, and says, “Ruža, idemo (Rose, let’s go)“. I was relieved and amused.! Welcome back dad.!! I have sorely missed you… Unfortunately, he still has a lot of healing to do before he can go home. But so much better than those early dark days of May.

I’ve been under so much stress that I’ve been fantasizing about the beach again.! Didn’t I just go.!?! jajaja… This week’s Corona commercial is awesome. It’s just a guy, a girl, the beach, and some beer. What more could you ask for.? Ok…don’t answer that. Lol.. I’ve got a few things I could still ask for.!! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

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