Canadian Club steps up for Father’s Day…

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Feliz lunes.!! Happy Monday.!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with their special father whether it was your dad, grandpa, spouse, or significant other.!! My dad is still not home, so I visited him at the rehab hospital. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to eat our favorite weekend lunch of chicken wings and pizza, but spending time with him was still special. My dad still can’t talk full sentences as his throat is healing from the respirator. He has managed to say my name and a few other words, but that’s it. I miss talking to him 😦

Every year on Father’s Day when I wish him “Happy Father’s Day”. He always says, “Thank YOU for making me a father.!” I’m the oldest 🙂 I definitely missed him saying that to me this year. Tomorrow is also my birthday and I’m not sure he will be able to wish me happy birthday either. But I remind myself, he is still around and he is getting stronger and better every day.! And next year this time, I will get to hear his voice saying my favorite words 🙂

Corona is taking a break this week, so that we can honor my dad with a Canadian Club commercial. My dad was a huge rebel, macho man, and a breaker of the rules, so this commercial seems very timely. I’m sure if he was around during Prohibition, he would have been smuggling whiskey himself.! He was known to make moonshine back in the day.! I tried it once and almost died.!! jajaja… I hope everyone enjoys their week. See you in a few days for more of Mexico.! Until then, enjoy.! Y salud.!!

11 thoughts on “Canadian Club steps up for Father’s Day…

  1. Happy Birthday…know that your Dad is saying those words to you in his heart…and he will say them soon…sending good thoughts to your wonderful father, you and your family ❤ .. xx CC

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