Something light-hearted to begin the month with since May was so difficult. Please enjoy one of my earlier posts on the joy and confusion on saying “see you later” in Mexico 🙂


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Saying goodbye in Spanish is difficult. And I don’t just mean emotionally difficult where you do not want to leave the person or the country. Though that is hard to do.! And I also do not mean linguistically difficult as in the pronunciation is complicated. Though, in some instances that can be tricky too.! No, I mean saying goodbye is difficult in the sense that there are so many ways to say goodbye and most of the time I don’t know when to use which expression. As well as, sometimes the goodbye goes on for a rather extended period and I don’t know how to end it politely.!

Most Americans (and other Westerners) are familiar with adios and hasta luego. The former means ‘goodbye’ and the latter means ‘see you later’. However, very few times did I hear either of these expressions used. Hasta luego might…

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