sometimes paradise is shock and awe…

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Wednesday morning, August 26th, an enormous sinkhole or cenote opened up in the middle of the Federal Highway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen.!! The actual location was very close to the Iberostar Hotel. The photo above shows the quick fix that was implemented to ease traffic congestion while the main road is repaired.

The Carretera Federal is the main thoroughfare between the Cancun Airport, Cancun, and other cities along its route such as Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Tulum, and further south Chetumal. Not to mention, all of the major resorts are accessible along the Federal Highway.

The hole that opened up was 10 meters wide and one meter deep and snarled traffic for miles. Amazingly only one person suffered an injury and only one vehicle was damaged. I’m guessing that less people were injured because the cenote opened up very early in the morning.

Cenotes are very prevalent in the Yucatan Peninsula as most of the freshwater is found underground. People are constantly finding cenotes in their backyards, places of business, and construction sites. Someone even opened up a cenote restaurant when they found one in their backyard called Alux Restaurante.! Though I hear they’re closed now.

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I took the Carretera Federal to work every morning and home every evening. I can’t even imagine.! Some of my friends still work at the same hotel and they told me that their normal 25 minute commute took 2 hours.!! Granted that’s way better than falling into a sinkhole any day of the week.!!

I’ve included a news video at the bottom so you can see the damage. However, it is in Spanish. I’ve also included a link to The Yucatan Times detailing what happened in English. Stay safe everyone.!

Video courtesy of Reportero Ambulante

6 thoughts on “sometimes paradise is shock and awe…

    • I know.! Crazy, right.? They had to take a new highway that opened up between Merida and Isla Holbox which is a timesaver between those two cities. But going inland to come back to the shore not so much.! It looks like the bandaid they have is working right now. It will be interesting to see how it progresses.! And wow.! I wish I had a 10 minute commute.! You’re a very lucky man Patrick 🙂

      • A back road nearby that is used by some commuters has been closed. Several co-workers have been impacted by more traffic on their commute. I do not take my commute for granted. Every day I’m thankful for my job and house. Maggie too! 🙂

  1. Wow this is crazy I am so happy that the destruction it could of caused was not as bad if it was rush hour or mid day! That was good they repaired it fairly quick as I can only imagine the traffic, and congestion it caused. Xo

    • Yeah…I know.! It could have been so much worse. It was actually the hotel staff outside the Iberostar Hotel that reported the sinkhole around 4am in the morning. Luckily, barricades and re-routes were able to be implemented before the morning commute.

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