sometimes paradise is intense…

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courtesy of

It’s rainy season in Playa del Carmen right now. So along with the beautiful rainbows or arco iris, we also get some stormy weather or tormentas.! Needless to say, this weather pattern brings on some intense visuals.!! Gorgeous, but intense.!

12 thoughts on “sometimes paradise is intense…

  1. I remember being in Cancun when a tropical storm hit. The sky was the amazing colour. Ridiculously black, with slashes of lightning but the contrast of the sea was still too inviting that we still made our way to the beach. Of course when that lightening got a little too close along with some crazy ass wind we retreated to the bar. Much safer (except for that pesky hangover the next morning)

    • Oh my gosh.! Exactly.!! I’ve been in that water so many times even during a rainstorm. It’s just so beautiful. I’m always blown away by how gorgeous it looks rain or shine 🙂 And yeah…too much tequila always leads to some type of hangover.! lol…

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