sometimes paradise is a blood harvest supermoon…

supermoon Cancun

supermoon Cancun

with a lunar eclipse thrown in for good measure.! As of right now, I only have pictures of the supermoon. But I promise if I get any lunar eclipse shots, I will post them 🙂

So last night, the world witnessed a blood harvest supermoon complete with a lunar eclipse. Wow.! And we won’t see another one for 18 years.!! Double wow.!! But what exactly does that mean.?! Besides that it’s gorgeous.!

full moon Cancun

full moon Cancun

Well, the moon is considered a supermoon when it is within 220,000 miles or 360,000 kilometers from the Earth. During that time, the moon looks 12 to 14% bigger and twice that much brighter.!! Hola Luna.!

The reason it’s called a harvest moon is because it’s near the Autumn Equinox (September 23rd) when farmer’s utilized it’s presence for (you guessed it.!) the harvest.

courtesy of

courtesy of

The blood moon moniker comes from the lunar eclipse. Last night, the Earth, moon, and sun lined up with each other. During that line up, the Earth’s shadow completely obscured the moon. But rather than being in complete darkness, the lunar eclipse gave off an orange to reddish haze depending on where you were in the world and other more scientific variables. I’ve also read it’s the name given to the fourth lunar eclipse in a lunar tetrad (four lunar eclipses in a row spaced at 6 full moons/months apart).

One of my good friends in Cancun took these pictures with his wife last night (they wanted to be anonymous). But their pictures were too beautiful to be hidden.! And the blood red moon comes from Soy Playense in Playa del Carmen. So enjoy 🙂

Cancun sky

Cancun sky last night

More info on last night’s super moon and lunar eclipse…

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