sometimes paradise is el faro…

courtesy of beach

courtesy of beach

Did you know that until fairly recently, this lighthouse where 10th avenue meets the beach was the tallest structure in Playa del Carmen? There was a law that prohibited any building from being taller than the height of el faro or more than 3 floors.! Of course, there were a few buildings that got away with that limitation by agreeing with the law in principle, but in reality they would increase the building by just a little during construction or count the ground floor as zero.!! jajaja

I’ve heard that the law has been updated to allow for an extra floor now. So instead of only three floors, buildings can now have four like the newly built Hotel Cacao at I don’t believe Playa will turn into Cancun anytime soon, so no need to worry about skyscrapers.

El faro is in a great location next to Zenzi Beach Club and the appropriately named Residences El Faro . Not only is el faro beautiful, but I’ve also heard it has a romantic spirit. Many lovers have met at the top of the lighthouse for a passionate rendezvous.! Ah amor….

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