sometimes paradise is paamul…

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courtesy of saba_ghassemi

On Soy Playense’s Facebook page today they had the beautiful picture of Paamul above with the following caption – ¿Ya conocen Paamul? Se los recomendamos para escaparse éste domingo soleado. (Already know Paamul? It’s recommended to escape there this sunny Sunday).

Paamul is a gorgeous town located 10 minutes south of Playa del Carmen and 25 minutes north of Tulum. It’s name in Mayan means ‘hill or destroyed ruin’. It’s not as touristy as either Playa or Tulum; therefore, it’s an ideal site when you want to get away and enjoy the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya 🙂

As I put on my winter boots to run errands today, I’m wishing I was putting on my flip flops instead on my way to the beach.!! Oh well….soon 🙂 Happy Sunday everyone.!!

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