sometimes paradise is full moon illumination…

full moon boat

What a simply gorgeous other-worldly photo of the full moon from my friend P., the photographer.!!! I was unable to get a good look at the full moon here in Chicago this week because of the clouds, but in Playa it looked exceptional.!! Simply magical…

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

sometimes paradise is a hamaca…

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I love hammocks (hamacas).!! They’re the perfect beach side accoutrement 🙂 In the Riviera Maya, they are a huge draw at many bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Among Riviera Maya residents, sometimes they’re they only sleeping arrangements they have. Now while I love a good hamaca, I don’t think I would ever get comfortable enough to sleep in it all night.! But you never know…

sometimes paradise is a love song part 12…

The band Camila has a moody and yearning sound to their love songs. They amazingly put into words (and music) what many of us wish we could say to our loved one. Bésame is one of those songs. Enjoy…

English translation
Kiss me

“Kiss me without it being the right moment
Without mercy and in silence
Kiss me, stop time
Make this that I’m feeling grow

Kiss me, as if the world were ending after that
Kiss me and kiss by kiss turn the sky upside down
Kiss me without a reason
Just because the heart wishes for it
Kiss me

Feel me in the wind,
As I die slowly
Kiss me without a motive
And I will be with you forever


Ooh… oh… Kiss me


Kiss me like this, without holding back
Stay within me, without conditions
Just give me a single reason to
And I will stay (And I will stay)
And I will stay (And I will stay)”

walmart, hot dogs, and home or my quest for the holy grail

The other day I mentioned what an important date February 17th seems to be in my life. So I reposted my return trip home blog. Today, I want to revisit a year ago when I got my job offer.! And yes, I’m still there 🙂


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I was never a huge fan of Walmart when I lived in the states. I have always been a bigger groupie of Target which I first discovered while living in L.A. in my early twenties. Or like a really, really, long time ago 🙂 Target got a hold of my loyalty first and kept me just happy enough that the hold never loosened.

However, when I moved to Mexico, there were no Targets. But, there were Walmarts. In fact, Playa del Carmen had three Walmarts.!! Go figure. So whenever I felt homesick, I went to Walmart. It was eerily familiar to the Walmarts in the states minus the signs in Spanish. And it comforted me in a way that going to the local businesses in playa did not. Oftentimes, I would meet my friend C., the beauty contest winner, and we would eat hot dogs at Walmart.!…

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return of the prodigal daughter…

I guess February 17th is a special day in my existence. Three years ago yesterday, I returned from Mexico. And one year ago yesterday, I started my awesome job.!! Please take a moment to stroll down memory lane with me 🙂


chicago chicago

I cannot believe a whole year has passed since I left Playa del Carmen.!! One year ago on February 17th, 2013, I left Mexico and returned to my home in Chicago. The funny thing is that after almost three years living and working in Mexico, Mexico had become my home. In fact, those first few months back in Chicago, I felt like a foreigner in my own country.! I wasn’t familiar with any of the new tv shows. There was a plethora of new restaurants and bars in the city to make me feel like a social outcast.!! And I am always in the know about what’s cool and hip.!

I also felt out of step with the tenor and feel of America in general. Everyone moved faster, talked faster, and was busy with a million and one obligations. The laid back lifestyle I had enjoyed in Mexico dissolved…

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sometimes paradise is a love song part 11…

Edgar Oceransky’s “Estoy Aqui” is a personal favorite of mine. It’s one of those songs that if I didn’t live in Mexico and hadn’t had a Mexican boyfriend at some point – it would never have crossed my path. And that would have been heartbreaking. Because it’s usually the dreams and goals you didn’t get to that leave you inconsolable and regretful. That’s how I would feel if this song had never echoed in my ears, my heart, and my soul. It has just the right amount of heartbreak, longing, and loneliness. Enjoy 🙂

P.S. The translation is rusty because it wasn’t a cross-over song. But it does the trick and the music does the rest.

Taken from

I’m here

“rain was falling on the balcony,
And you, smoking a cigarette on the couch,
Your voice, calling on the balcony to see rain.

They were my hands from the strings to the paper,
Also, your eyes from my face to the wall,
Without faith, knowing that you have finished raining.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.

Always you swore that one day were not going to return,
because together and there was nothing else to do,
Then you left with the car until six.

Rain continues to fall on the balcony,
And you, you’re not with your cigarette on the couch,
And trying to write this song.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.”

sometimes paradise is picture perfect…

picture perfect playa

Wishing you all a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend.!! Leaving you with this “picture perfect” photo my friend P., the photographer, took recently of Maroma Beach. Maroma Beach with all of it’s fantastic hotels, gorgeous beaches, and amazing views is one of my favorite beaches in the Rivieria Maya.!!

Don’t you all wish you were sitting right there with that view 🙂 Tenga buen el fin de semana.!