return of the prodigal daughter…

I guess February 17th is a special day in my existence. Three years ago yesterday, I returned from Mexico. And one year ago yesterday, I started my awesome job.!! Please take a moment to stroll down memory lane with me 🙂


chicago chicago

I cannot believe a whole year has passed since I left Playa del Carmen.!! One year ago on February 17th, 2013, I left Mexico and returned to my home in Chicago. The funny thing is that after almost three years living and working in Mexico, Mexico had become my home. In fact, those first few months back in Chicago, I felt like a foreigner in my own country.! I wasn’t familiar with any of the new tv shows. There was a plethora of new restaurants and bars in the city to make me feel like a social outcast.!! And I am always in the know about what’s cool and hip.!

I also felt out of step with the tenor and feel of America in general. Everyone moved faster, talked faster, and was busy with a million and one obligations. The laid back lifestyle I had enjoyed in Mexico dissolved…

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8 thoughts on “return of the prodigal daughter…

    • It completely is.!! Never thought I would experience that. I’ve heard it called reverse culture shock. Strange, yes. But I guess you can grow away from friends when you are not in lockstep with each other. So why not your own country.?! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. pleased to come across your blog – is it worth taking the risk to live in a new place – is it possible that a person will never get bored of a place?

    • Welcome.! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Yes, I think it is worth the risk of living in a new place. Even if it is for a short time…even if you will get bored. The friends you meet and the experiences you have will help you grow as a person. And the memories will keep you warm in your later years 🙂

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