walmart, hot dogs, and home or my quest for the holy grail

The other day I mentioned what an important date February 17th seems to be in my life. So I reposted my return trip home blog. Today, I want to revisit a year ago when I got my job offer.! And yes, I’m still there πŸ™‚


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I was never a huge fan of Walmart when I lived in the states. I have always been a bigger groupie of Target which I first discovered while living in L.A. in my early twenties. Or like a really, really, long time ago πŸ™‚ Target got a hold of my loyalty first and kept me just happy enough that the hold never loosened.

However, when I moved to Mexico, there were no Targets. But, there were Walmarts. In fact, Playa del Carmen had three Walmarts.!! Go figure. So whenever I felt homesick, I went to Walmart. It was eerily familiar to the Walmarts in the states minus the signs in Spanish. And it comforted me in a way that going to the local businesses in playa did not. Oftentimes, I would meet my friend C., the beauty contest winner, and we would eat hot dogs at Walmart.!…

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