sometimes paradise is a love song part 12…

The band Camila has a moody and yearning sound to their love songs. They amazingly put into words (and music) what many of us wish we could say to our loved one. Bésame is one of those songs. Enjoy…

English translation
Kiss me

“Kiss me without it being the right moment
Without mercy and in silence
Kiss me, stop time
Make this that I’m feeling grow

Kiss me, as if the world were ending after that
Kiss me and kiss by kiss turn the sky upside down
Kiss me without a reason
Just because the heart wishes for it
Kiss me

Feel me in the wind,
As I die slowly
Kiss me without a motive
And I will be with you forever


Ooh… oh… Kiss me


Kiss me like this, without holding back
Stay within me, without conditions
Just give me a single reason to
And I will stay (And I will stay)
And I will stay (And I will stay)”

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